Woom 3 16" Blå 5,7kg, 4-6 år, 105-120cm Woom 3 16" Blå 5,7kg, 4-6 år, 105-120cm Woom 3 16" Blå 5,7kg, 4-6 år, 105-120cm Woom 3 16" Blå 5,7kg, 4-6 år, 105-120cm Woom 3 16" Blå 5,7kg, 4-6 år, 105-120cm Woom 3 16" Blå 5,7kg, 4-6 år, 105-120cm Woom 3 16" Blå 5,7kg, 4-6 år, 105-120cm

Woom 3 16" Blå

5,7kg, 4-6 år, 105-120cm

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Weight5,7 kg (without pedals)
Age4-6 years
Size105-120 cm


The 16 Inch Bike model Woom 3 is all about offering a lower ride height. The low center of gravity of this comparably small triangle frame in conjunction with the high cockpit, a stable, good-natured geometry helps the children to further improve their riding skills. The bike has a front and rear V-brake and NO coaster (foot) brake.



The WOOM3 pedal bike has the following outstanding characteristics:

  • High quality and light weight components: bike weighs only 5,7 kg
  • Geometry designed for the youngest of riders
  • Small hands reach brake specifically designed for very small hands - lever is easily adjustable
  • Steering delimiter to prevent over steering of front wheel
  • Two V-Hand Brakes



For bike enthusiasts, here the details:
Wheel / Tire size16"
Cockpit / Grip height700 mm
Steering angle67°
Medium standing height435 mm
Horizontal toptube length380 mm
Wheelbase705 mm
Crank length95 mm
Seattube angle71°
Minimum Seat Height490 mm
Maximum Seat Height580 mm


Weight limit

The total weight of the child should not exceed 60 kg.



Frame Material: Light and high quality A-6061 Aluminum - Beginner geometry with 16" wheel size and good natured riding characteristics: Extremely low step in height, very low minimum seating position, long wheelbase, very forgiving geometry and steering delimiter to avoid over-steering; Set up provides maximum stability, excellent balance and safe straight line riding resulting in increased satisfaction - Continuous seat post design allows for maximum saddle height adjustment


light aluminium fork - 1" shaft - designed for ease of steering


semi-integrated 1" headset = sealed ahead set made out of steal and aluminum - integrated ahead clamp

Steering delimiter

There is a small rubber ring connecting fork and frame - The rubber ring stabilizes the steering and supports riding in a straight line. This prevent unnecessary accidents when learning to ride.


Forged Aluminum - 40mm - +10° - no protruding screws in this fully integrated and proprietary clamp design - we call it the knee-friendly design - the handlebar is connected with two 6mm bolts
Handlebarwide, ergonomic, and light aluminum handlebar for more control - BMX style with high rise for maximum adjustability - sand blasted and black anodized - designed for small hands with a 19mm diameter - Width: 470mm
Handlesreduced diameter for extra small hands - free of softeners and pollutants - grippy diamond structure - handle bar ends contain rubber plugs for additional cushioning and safety

Two independent hand brakes - Mini V-Brake with levers suitable for small hands - small hand reach brake lever with reach adjustability and ergonomic fit for very small hands - soft green brake pads in the rear for excellent braking power with little brake usage -hard (black) front brake pads for safe and regulated braking - Rear brake lever is green with the same color rear brake pad for ease of differentiation of front vs rear brake - high quality Jagwire bowden cable for low friction and ease of operation

CrankLight forged aluminum cranks with 80mm length and low Q-Factor (low width between both legs) - Beginner ratio: 25T front and 16 rear - plastic pedals - molded cartridge chamber - Easy to operate V Hand brakes without coaster/foot brake.
WheelsSuper light Soopa-Doopa-Hoops Aluminum rims - small Aluminum hubs for extended leg room at the rear wheel - sealed bearing hubs - wheel can be installed and removed with 5mm allen wrench - 16 Niro spokes 1.8 straight spokes
TiresKenda Small Block 1,5"x16 light weight low profile balloon tires offer great damping, rolling performance and a lot of grip - Schrader valves (car valves) to inflate easily
SaddleAge specific and ergonomically designed and molded - Free of pollutant and toxins - side safeguard to lean against wall
Seat postAnodized aluminum seat post - integrated maximum insertion indicator
Seat post clampAluminum quick release seat clamp with long lever for ease of use and operation - clamp is safely secured against unnecessary movements
Enclosed tools1x5mm Allen wrench for wheel hubs + 1x6mm long allen wrench for headset, 15 wrench for pedals
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Woom 3 16" Grønn 5,7kg, 4-6 år, 105-120cm
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