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Woom Sloff rammeveske Blå 20"

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Woom Sloff rammeveske Blå 20"
Woom Sloff rammeveske Blå 24"
Woom Sloff rammeveske Blå 26"
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Woom Sloff rammeveske

The Sloff Frame Bag combines classic denim with functional material to create a stylish and practical way to carry around all those bits and pieces kids need. Velcro straps keep it securely attached to the bike, making sure both the bag and its content stay in place even on the roughest of rides. The Sloff Frame Bag offers plenty of space for keys, snacks, wallet, etc. A must-have for all kids who are slowly but surely becoming more independent.

- Cotton denim with yellow nylon lining
- Zipped side pockets
- Velcro straps attach to frame
- Available in three sizes for woom 4, woom 5 and woom 6