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Gloss Aqua/Gray

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Volcom Freestyle

Let loose.

Volcom sunglasses are made from Rilsan® Bio-Plastic. Rilsan® is created from a family of high-performance polyamides derived from renewable castor oil feedstock. The castor crop is inherently drought resistant, requiring very little irrigation or fertilization. As a result, it can grow in arid regions where and can be sustainably farmed. Rilsan® is lightweight, renewable, recyclable, durable - a winning combination!

- Frame: Lightweight Injected BIO Plastic
- Optics: 4 base lens. 100% UVA/UVB protection.
- Good for bright days with true undistorted color
- Includes Microfiber Sunglass Bag
- Measurement: 49.4h - 142.9w -142.9l (Small Sized Frame)
- Weight: 24.4 grams