Peaty's x Chris King Valves 42mm Black - Workshop Pack

Peaty's x Chris King Valves 42mm

Black - Workshop Pack

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Peaty's x Chris King Valves 42mm Workshop pack, 26 valves


Made from lightweight anodised 6061 aluminium, Peaty’s tubeless valves fit most tubeless setups from mtb to road and cyclocross, including carbon, enduro and dh rims. The large soft rubber base easily creates an airtight seal on valve holes up to 8mm diameter. Integrated valve core remover caps make removing the valve and topping up with sealant A breeze when in the workshop or on the trails.


  1. remove valve cap, o-ring and lock nut 
  2. insert valve through valve hole in rim 
  3. push the o-ring onto valve stem
  4. thread the lock nut onto valve stem
  5. hand tighten lock nut until firm 
  6. screw on valve cap

To remove the valve core, simply slot the valve cap over the valve core and twist anticlockwise