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HeatX Heated Hand Warmer


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Heat Experience Heated Hand Warmer

The Heat Experience heated hand warmer muff keeps your hands dry, warmed up and ready for action. Whether you’re enjoying the silence of the forest, waiting for that perfect photo opportunity, or just cheering for your favorite sports team, your new hand warmer muff provides an easily accessible, warm, and comfortable place to protect your hands from the elements. The heating panels are located around the inside of the hand warmer. Combined with our Grid Fleece lining, you get a soft and comfortable 360 degree heating experience when you need it. The hand warmer is fastened around the waist with a simple click system. It comes with 2 pockets for storing your most important things. Included is a 5000mAh Powerbank that provides approx. 4.5 hours heating time. The hand warmer is of course equipped with water-repellent materials and adjustable cords at the ends.

- Breathable and moisture wicking materials
- Soft and heat-transporting grid fleece inner material
- Adjustable cords in each opening
- Carbon fiber heating elements
- Choose between 3 different heating levels
- Up to 4.5 hours battery life
- Rechargeable 5000 mAh (19Wh) Powerbank with USB connection
- Weight o / batt: 293g w / batt: 418g
- 100% Polyester water-repellent outer material
- Can be washed in a washing machine
- Comes with 2 years warranty

Fabric composition:
- Outer Shell: 100D, Ripstop, four side stretch with TPU Membrane. 85% Polyester, 10% TPU, 5% Spandex
- Liner: Grid Fleece 100% Plyester

Heating elements:
- The heating element wraps around the inside of the hand warmer